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12" $25.50


PAR 019 

**Oakland's Parallel continue to evolve their hypnagogic take on post-punk and dream pop on Flooded. The six-song mini-album is a study in contrasts, pairing heavy, melancholic moods with light, radiant qualities, recalling ethereal forebears like The Chameleons, Slowdive, and The Durutti Column along with a range of influences from slowcore and coldwave to UK psych. The band's commitment to minimalism lends the songs a somber, fragile beauty, lush vocal harmonies interweaving with intricate dual-guitar melodies and driving basslines. Flooded explores the fleeting transitions between emotional states, delving into the "flooded" intensities of desire, rage, loss, and despair and the moments of suspension and dislocation that frame them. Current and former members of Ragana, Nothing Natural, Try The Pie, Romantic Feelings, and Negative Standards. Limited edition of 200.