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LP $17.75

06/12/2012 184923111415 

MEX 114 

***The golden duo of AARON COYES and INDRA DUNIS continue to crystallize their mesmerizing sound and find new dimensions within. Lucifer also comes at a time of great transition for this married couple and it reflects the possibilities that they have found during this new life era, especially with the birth of their son, Mikko—a guiding light muse for the album. Recorded in Brooklyn at Gary's Electric studio over the course of a month, PEAKING LIGHTS consider Lucifer a nocturnal version of their sound. It’s slinkier and full of grooves. “To us this record is about play and playfulness, unconditional love, rhythms and pulses, creation and vibration,” says Coyes. Lucifer is also Peaking Lights’ most ambitious release to date in terms of its approach and scope. Through their studio experiments, the duo has managed to link their musical loves—dub, krautrock, analog electronic dance music, sound collages, pop music—all while maintaining cohesive songs. Lucifer was self-produced and engineered by AL CARLSON (Yeasayer, Ford & Lopatin, 0PN).

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