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Real Happiness
MC $6.75


HHBTM 213 

***In the time when things could still be seen, you might have seen Pearie Sol, keyboardist for DC-area rockers Gauche. Times being as they are, many musical projects have been put on hold, with members having to seek new outlets for their creative talents. For Pearie Sol, his new solo album, Real Happiness—which, he assures us, is not quite a lockdown album, having been conceived largely in 2019. On first listen, Real Happiness might make you smile. And how could you resist the charm of the dramatic, over-the-top Fred Schneider-like vocals of “Apathy” the jaunty, junkyard Jad Fair-isms of “Slime Pit,” or the catchy, danceable title track? Pearie’s flamboyant, over-the-top style is fun personified and vocalized and all those things in between.