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Suck The Light Out
LP $17.75

02/24/2017 616822024416 

HHBTM 185 

***THE BASTARDS OF FATE sound like nothing you’ve ever heard before, a synthesis of everything that’s come before them, and a preview of everything that’s coming after. Their first two albums won praise from places like The Big Takeover (‘an uncompromising onslaught of demented pop’) and Magnet (‘walks the line between visionary and downright freaky. It’s a beautiful cacophony.’), but now that they’re on a real label, one that isn’t a weekend hobby, The Bastards of Fate are finally going to get the attention they deserve. With songs about the struggle to be human in an inhuman world, delivered through a combination of humor & dread that rings true on every level, Suck The Light Out is a sonic feast, a lyrical extravaganza, an album that goes where others are too cool to tread. It’s where science meets love, where suicide meets hope.