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Jovenes Promesas
LP $14.75


GU 37 

***"Their name translates to “Dog Grooming,” their album title to “Young Promises.” But Spanish punk quartet PELUQUERIA CANINA are speaking directly to their peers, in a language they all understand. There was a time when bands from non-English speaking countries rebelled by singing in English, but now it’s much more relevant to sing to your community. Their music draws on street punk, Agent Orange style surf-punk, angular moments of post-punk, 1977-style rave ups, all brought together with a unique angry/melodic vocal approach that is 100% their own, and 100% in the moment (no nostalgia!) Blasting through 10 songs in under 25 minutes, Peluqueria Canina prove that punk rock is rock ’n’ roll is the true international language."—Geoffrey Weiss. Edition of 400 copies.