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Crazy Life
7" $8.05


GU 30 

***THE TERRORISTS were a group that existed in Bakersfield, California in the Early ‘80s. They were part of the same (small) punk scene as the Lizerds and (the amazing) Teen Suicide, like the former The Terrorists were very elusive and unliked locally...or maybe punk in Bakersfield was highly unpopular...i'll go with the latter. The groups headmaster EDDIE pressed up a little over 100 copies (110 to be exact) of the Crazy Life 45, sold 12 copies worldwide , gave away around 50 and destroyed the rest after a "life changing" expierence in the mid ‘80s. The track itself is a sinister drum machine stab at punk, it represents so much about how i've felt about my hometown, it's amazing to me how in 1982 they felt the same way. We've replaced the original b-side with an unheard live recording of "Crazy Life," we felt this song is far superior to the original new-wave b-side. A lot of love and care went into this reissue, it's raw still but that's the best you are gonna get. The sound is low fi and raw. There are no master tapes no mint copies of the 45 nothing. This is the best it's going to get. Largely under the radar for most collectors, we tried to keep this a secret for as long as possible to obtain personal copies. But it has sneaked out into the world and was featured on Johan Kugelberg's Perfect Sound Forever Blog. Authorized by the group, glued pocket sleeve with the original art. Edition of 400 copies.