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Basom Gryphos
LP $18.50


SRUIN 189 

***Thirty six minutes of mutant death metal armageddon to disintegrate the fabric of reality. At last, Spanish hallucinatory death metal abomination Pestilength issue their critically acclaimed 2022 sophomore album "Basom Gryphos" on vinyl. Across it's synapse-obliterating eight songs "Basom Gryphos" unfolds an infernal fractal of muted death metal forged from the same aberrant antimatter that birthed defining works by Morbid Angel (early tucker-era particularly) and Immolation, revealing a shapeshifting, suffocating sonic hallucination conceived at the outer limits of death metal as we know it. The disfiguring dissonant black metal touches and disorienting atmospheres transposed from the band's origins persist in their framework, further exalting the band's deliriant penchant for total extreme metal surrealism, while the cryptic allomorphic symbolism and inverted anti-language that permeates the lyrics and song titles complete an alien extreme metal crucible of truly mind-altering enormity.