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Sonic Fermentations
LP $26.25


PS 25 

***"The moon is out and it’s time for experiments in the Pacific Northwest. Enter the abode of Smegma Laboratories, dwelling of JU SUK REET MEATE (SMEGMA) & OBLIVIA (THE TENSES) whom are active in LOS ANGELES FREE MUSIC SOCIETY (LAFMS) notable collaborators with Merzbow, Wolf Eyes, John Wiese and infamous rock critic Richard Meltzer. It’s late in the evening and they have invited fellow Smegmateer DAVID MORGAN along with synthesized sculptors BRENNA MURPHY & BIRCH COOPER of MSHR, and psychedelic shape-shifters CCORUM & SUZANNE STONE of MILLIONS BRAZILLIANS. All have arrived to share conversation in a new potent brew of Sonic Fermentations about to be set into motion. 'Batches 1 & 2' are too mutagenic for any container, a deep drank of sci-fi exotica concoction with psychotropic effects churned by a monstrous kalimba, canned laughter, radio broadcast fritz, eerie lap steel, double reed riff, all torched in a broth of stretching electrical beams. Suspense arrives by waiting for these themes to disintegrate and dissolve steering into unrecognizable forms. Once that happens, allure clashes with grotesque, contours between exhilaration and wailing dissolve, and the music becomes a current of unified instinct by this PSYCHIC SOUNDS ENSEMBLE. Sip it or shoot it, either way will result in stimulating both head and visceral."—Karen K. Housed in full-color wrap around jackets with hand stamped & metallic screen printed interior. Edition of 200 copies.

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