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CD $12.00

11/02/2004 697410276721 

EJ 67 CD 

Rusted Shut formed in 1986 and continue to lay their repetitive napalm music on the lucky unwashed of Texas. As performers, their live show is infamously entertaining, arguing, backhands, kicking and all. Leader Don Walsh, a former oil rig worker, writes romantic lines like "I never asked to be born / I wish I would fuckin' die" and "Do you like this life / Do you like to slice?" Though made by lovely harmless people, Rehab is the culmination of many years of genuine hatred, and with this long-delayed sophomore release, the whole Earth may now bathe in their infectious scorn.  The proper Rehab album (the first eight songs, barely released on CDR in 2003) was mixed and mastered beyond the red onto a frying cassette deck for maximum scuzz. A nice handful of hi-fi studio tracks rounds out the dish, making this fiveinch wonder a welcome return to pure rocking beauty, while providing a nourishing cleansing of the bile many of us live with in US04.  Rusted Shut is impossible to escape. When this ugly-as-sin noise-punk trio pollutes the stage with their filthy fuzz rumble, there will be rioting, vomiting, spasmodic thrashing, and possibly hurling of rotten vegetables.  --Austin Chronicle  Original CDR now sicker with four new studio tracks and a live tribute to Houston, Texas Heavy crust grind soothes thirsty geriatric punks  The most famous avant rock band from NYC swears by Rusted Shut and dedicated a song to them live Fans of the Brainbombs, Cherubs, High Rise and Lightning Bolt could die much happier 

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