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81-84: 29 Tracks Of South Bay Punk


81-84: 29 Tracks Of South Bay Punk

Puke N Vomit
LP $24.45


PNV 229 

***The first ever vinyl release that compiles all the essential studio recordings from the legendary South Bay (San Jose) punk band RIBZY. If you went to a show in the Bay Area in the early 80s and mid-90s you’ve seen Ribzy. That’s how many live shows they played and how hard they worked. Ribzy was regularly featured in zines like MRR and Shredder. Known for the aggressive guitar driven punk/hardcore sound, we are talking about top notch songwriting. Ribzy was featured on must have essential 80s punk/hardcore comps: MRR’s Not So Quiet On The Western Front (1982) the Growing Pains tape comp (1983) and From The Valley Within (1984) and others. Anyone and anybody who was or is into 80s / 90s Northern California punk hardcore knows Ribzy. The band never released any records in their formative and essential years when they were devastating and destroying the punk underground and blowing many of their peers off stages. A CD discography was released on Vinehell in 2006 and quickly went out of print. Not to worry, we here at PNV have rectified this great travesty. Ribzy is now available on vinyl, so all the old and young punkers can rest easy once again.

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