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New Age Sewage


New Age Sewage

Not Not Fun
MC $7.75


NNF 339 

Angeleno forgotten lurkers Robedoor return to the recorded realm after a four-year absence with a six-song slab of psychic skyquake ritual and subterranean industrial voids: New Age Sewage. Formed and deformed across multiple tours, ruptures, relocations, and re-awakenings, the album grew denser and more detailed with time, damage, and discipline. Following two failed attempts, the tracks were finally captured at the band’s spiderweb shed / practice space across several months of willed hallucination in the summer of 2015. Key rig additions allowed for more nuanced metronomes and textures, channeling negative western mythologies of cultic deception and territorial mindwash. Tune in, turn on, turn against; the New Age is Sewage. Recorded at the Black Lodge. Mixed by Ale Cohen. Mastered by Eric Hanson