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Alasdair Roberts
LP $19.50

01/27/2015 781484061311 


CD $13.75

01/27/2015 781484061328 

DC 613 CD 

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.3 rating from Pitchfork. Alasdair Roberts is the name of the new solo record from the well-known Scottish songwriter, guitarist and singer ALASDAIR ROBERTS—his eighth Drag City Records release under that name, following on from 2013’s A Wonder Working Stone. The making of Alasdair Roberts found 
Alasdair back at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio, where he previously made his 2009 album, Spoils. Alasdair Roberts has a warmer feel than A Wonder Working Stone, partially the result of having been recorded in the analogue domain by Green Door’s masterly house engineer SAM SMITH. In the main however, the rich ambiance throughout the album is evidence of yet another 
tremendous leap in Alasdair’s writing, playing and singing. The six years since Spoils seem like a much greater expanse of time for all the growth shown on the four albums between then and now. The decision, then, to self-title this album hints at the idea of the artist as having achieved, in Jungian terms, complete ‘individuation.’ Evident as well upon listening is the sound of deep contentment in Alasdair’s playing and singing. Moreover, this music is projected from a place of confidence, where what is needed for the music comes naturally, instinctively and as needed. (STREET DATE - 1/27/2015)

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