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Wyrd Meme
CD $11.25

10/20/2009 781484039426 

DC 394 CD 

12" $11.25

10/20/2009 781484039419 

DC 394 

***At a dizzying peak of powers, Alasdair Roberts is knocking out tune after killer tune, all scored to the beat of his own weird drum, and we love him for it. This is why we choose to exist, to help cement the footsteps of musicians and eccentrics such as he, footsteps that will endure through into future days, just in case the music-buying public of our time somehow drops the ball. Imagine that! “The Wyrd Meme” is an EP occasioned by the aforementioned windfall of great music circa 2009 from our Alasdair— the eight massive constructions on Spoils are succeeded by another four songs, this set comprising twentytwo minutes of pure aural Roberts: stimulating, colorful, melodic, and arresting, just for starters. (STREET DATE - 10/20/2009)

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