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Distant Companion
LP $17.75

04/09/2018 794811514572 

DE 211 

Aria Rostami and Daniel Blomquist are from San Francisco, CA, though Rostami has recently moved to Brooklyn, NY. Rostami and Blomquist's work occurs in two stages: the gathering/preparation of source material and the live performance. Rostami and Blomquist's source material primarily focuses on the exchange of information, repetition and decay, and surrendering aspects of creative control. The source material is either sampled and altered by Blomquist or composed and recorded by Rostami. Sometimes this material is repeatedly passed back and forth to be altered, others, it’s barely touched.  
Following prior albums on Glacial Movements and Jacktone, the duo return with their third full length, "Distant Companion" named after the multiple star Polaris. Comprised of Polaris Aa in orbit with Polaris Ab which in turn, are in orbit with a distant companion, Polaris B. Polaris, aka The North Star, was the star that American slaves followed to freedom. It carries with it a history of Civil Rights, a cosmic history of our origins, as all stars do, and a glimpse into the past as it floats light years away. The first two songs of "Distant Companion" were recorded during a protest performance at Grey Area Foundation of the Arts in San Francisco that featured artists representing communities, cultures and countries on the travel ban list (Executive Order 13769.) For this performance they sampled voice recordings of Persian poets Rumi, Hafez and Forough Farakhzad. Every generation seems to find, in their own way, that the pursuit for equality is not linear, but that we must know our pasts, be in tune with the present and have a will for a better future. This record stands on the shoulders of communities, artists and movements that have made art in protest of oppression, and we hope, in some way, to make a contribution to this conversation. All songs have been mastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. Cover artwork features a collage by London-based artist Anthony Gerace, and each copy includes a postcard featuring a photo of the duo.

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