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Platinum Tips & Ice Cream

Royal Trux ("live")

Platinum Tips & Ice Cream

Drag City
LP $19.50

06/16/2017 781484064718 


CD $13.75

06/16/2017 781484064725 

DC 647 CD 

MC $8.50

06/16/2017 781484064749 

DC 647 MC 

***CHECK STOCK!!! Received a 7.3 rating from Pitchfork. Platinum Tips + Ice Cream (scenes from the water park) is new from ROYAL TRUX. The songs were written over a span of time as wide as eagle’s wings—but the recordings are new, live, unrehearsed and were presented in real time to a few thousand people in California and NYC. Performance art? Yes! But only because, unlike so many other aural “content providers,” NEIL HAGERTY and JENNNIFER HERREMA are true artists writing their own futures into the present. Wrapped up in a TRUXian collage scrapping together the crazy quilt of time in their ROYAL-iverse, which in the light of this reunion is now folding back over itself, Platinum Tips + Ice Cream collects twelve Royal Trux non-sequiturs in tribute not only to the past but the unending nature of the future. (STREET DATE - 6/16/2017)

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