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New Lands
LP $17.75

06/10/2016 781484013716 


CD $13.75

10/15/1997 036172913725 

dc137 CD 

***REISSUED ON VINYL!!! After what felt to be an extended wait, “New Lands” arrived in late 1997, marking phase two of FLYING SAUCER ATTACK as an ostensible solo act for DAVE PEARCE. New Lands presented a foreboding atmosphere, with coarse electric textures from the very top of the record, as well as an unanticipated rubbery bottom and the implied physicality of such on several songs. These developments hardly implied a newfound peace of mind, as had been suggested by Further; instead, an encroaching darkness spreads out over side two of New Lands. Both “The Sea” and “Forever” conclude the album with a feeling of anything but accord; glacial floats that might seem placid in other contexts are enervated with jagged rhythms and teeming guitar textures, all of which seem to affirm our uneasy desire to cleave the skin from our bodies as being a perfectly acceptable plan. The highly palpable psychedelic shadows of the debut Flying Saucer Attack album flicker throughout New Lands, albeit in a much altered form.