Allophons, The Saddle Bomb


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Label # SONIG 87UPC 655035138725
Street DateJune 12th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035138725
Street DateJune 12th, 2012

Saddle Bomb is the first long-player by The Allophons—and it’s about time, because the live sets over the last few years by Berlin-based sound nerds C-Schulz and F.X.Randomiz have already proven what the true soundtrack to creativity is like.  From pimped rhythmic ’cussions arise a subtle sonic art, nailing pop and jazz down to a straight bass drum and losing no pathos in the process. Exceptionally organic through and through, these stylistic expansions to unchartered coordinates are most fascinating. Abstract soundscapes move in the direction of house music (“Ein Shoobidoo”), take in elements of rock (“Stulle voll Glück”), and even transform exotic particles into funk (“NaNaNaau”). It’s in the realm of micro-sampling that their self-styled signature sound really unfolds. The duo reveals a unique aesthetic, reinventing song structures on collaborations with studio guests such as Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars), Joseph Suchy and Natascha Nikeprelevic, each of whom contribute a bundle of voices rendering subtle loops and a strong bridge between experimental and club music.


  1. #1 Lurchy
  2. #2 Who's the Papae
  3. #3 Bow
  4. #4 Voc Beans
  5. #5 Ein Shoobidoo
  6. #6 Stulle voll Glueck
  7. #7 In the End
  8. #8 NaNaNaau
  9. #9 The Toepfer Singers
  10. #10 Elf
  11. #11 Mound Magnet Pt.1 - Remix
  12. #12 Trecke nit daeue, Till - Remix
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