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LP $19.50

12/06/2011 781484046011 


***Drag City presents reissues of the avant-garde DIY label Groovy founded by PETE SHELLEY (BUZZCOCKS) and FRANCIS COOKSON. Surrealism raised its willfully mutated head on the third Groovy release, Hangahar, credited to SALLY SMMIT AND HER MUSICIANS. Claiming to be the soundtrack of the film Hangahar, the album was inspired by a casual demonstration of a made-up sung language. A full-blown recording session captured this previously unheard quantity, the better to wake the world to its allure. The Groovy gang broke out the oscillator and any other synth devices they had on hand (along with a kitchen cabinet full of impromptu percussives) to back up the operatic overtones of the mysterious eponymous chantueses via drones, riffs, chanting and, with reverb pots fully open, loads of ominous atmosphere throughout. Despite the deep feeling of synchronous accord throughout this recording, it has proved to be something of a path not followed for the once and future SALLY TIMMS of eventual MEKONS fame.