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A Posthuman Guide To The Advent Calendar Orgins Of The Peep Show


A Posthuman Guide To The Advent Calendar Orgins Of The Peep Show

Sophomore Lounge
LP $17.95


SL 066 

***Large-group ensemble made up of a cast of Kentucky characters comes in from the hermetic rain field of electric pabulum and renders extraordinary renditions into a maximalist tapestry, laced with concentrated forms of seared-synapse acoustic-retrieval alchemy. SAPAT’s immediate stimulation reveals myriad fires during repeated listens. This is an album chock full of ideas and sound worlds that obliterate thought—a genre-melting bastard-child of deep psych, art-punk, stoner shred, mass jass, Buddhist operatic, narrative noise, and psychic coaction. It’d be criminal to expect anything less of a 14-year-old-and-counting, shape-shifting collective sharing members of VALLEY OF ASHES, KARK, SOFTCHEQUE, TROPICAL TRASH, BLACK VELVET FUCKERE, SON OF EARTH, THE BELGIAN WAFFLES!, PHANTOM FAMILY HALO , and about a billion other Louisvillian enclaves.