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Violent Narcissus

Secret Abuse

Violent Narcissus

Not Not Fun
LP $12.25


NNF 135 

***SECRET ABUSER JEFF WITSCHER is an enigma wrapped in a riddle rolled in cassette tape and plugged into a battered pair of towering PA speakers. He’s lived everywhere, met everyone, and inspired legions through his loner lifestyle, utopian fashions (“refugee chic”), and spellbindingly intense music. Brutal, pensive, blown-out tones crossfade into tortured minor key guitar laments before being slowly subsumed in a droning ocean of choked vocals and sulking, selfish electronics. Repressed, burning, and emotional as only a young man pushing away everything can be, Violent Narcissus is as definitive a document as has thus far yet emerged from the SA canon (and lord knows there’s been a grip of gems). Look long and hard; the mirror is a bitter mistress. Black LPs, mastered by BILL HUSTON, housed in jackets designed by Witscher. Edition of 445.