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Egerton, Stephen

Seven Degrees Of Stephen Egerton

Paper + Plastick

After relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma from Ft. Collins, Colorado, STEPHEN EGERTON (DECENDENTS, ALL) established Armstrong Recording studio to not only record bands from all genres, but also to work on his own music. After writing all the music, playing all the instruments, and even recording all the songs on his new album himself, Stephen sent the demos to friends from his over two decade-plus long career in music. Egerton contacted a number of musicians to collaborate with, and soon Stephen had vocal contributions from DAN ANDRIANO (ALKAKINE TRIO), JOEY CAPE (LAGWAGON), MIKE HERRERA (MXPX), CHRIS DEMAKES (LESS THAN JAKE), CHAD PRICE (ALL, DRAG THE RIVER), SCOTT REYNOLDS (ALL, STEAMING BEAST) and more. Egerton left most of the lyrical duties to the talented punk vocalists, and only co-wrote a handful of the sixteen tracks. Egerton mixed and mastered the album on his own, which allowed for the consistent sound despite being recorded in over a dozen studios by different technicians across the country.

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