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LP $16.35


SRUN 032 LP 

***A mind-crushing avant garde doom metal monster in which the torments of madness, alienation, and mental disease coalesce into a devouring implosion of collapsing emotions and suffocating sonic obliteration. SHOW OF BEDLAM have created the perfect synthesis between the visionary and magnificent sonic exploration of bands like Neurosis, Swans, and Godflesh, the decadent atmospheres of goth-punk legends like Christian Death and Bauhaus, and the derailing musical psychosis of noise rock innovators like Butthole Surfers, Today Is The Day, and Big Black. For fans of Anatomy of Habit, Indian, Lord Mantis, Swans, Bodychoke, Diamanda Galas, Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice, and mid-career Neurosis.