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LP $21.25


SRUIN 177 

***Death metal meets its future self. When almost everything has been said and done, contamination becomes the only escape, as new ways to interpret and reinvent the wheel must be found to keep setting the mind free and the genre moving forward, including creating clever and transformative crossover syncretisms with other styles and genres than can open the eye of terror along with new gateways to a higher dimension of chaos. And this is how Brazil's mysterious experimental death metal deconstructors ANTIMONUMENT have approached their cryptic and bludgeoning craft: infusing it with all kinds of foreign (but adjacent) audial excoriations, including industrial noise, hardcore punk, cryptic no-wave and scathing power electronics, to render their experimental dark extreme metal a futuristic and multidimensional sonic warhead. Imagine a mix of Blasphemy, Carcass, Incantation, Khanate, Swans, Crucifix, Void, Godflesh and Controlled Bleeding, and you will be closer, yet still not completely within, the mutated experimental realm of devastation conceived by the Brazilian cult. And it doesn't end there. As an art studio/collective creating audio-visual experiences encompassing sound, visuals and video, Antimonument is more than just as a band, rather an explorative sensorial weapon of self determination. In this sense the Brazilian collective can be seen as an extreme metal counter-shade to the flourishing Brazilian experimental underground vanguard that in recent years has nurtured defiant bands like Test, Papangu, Deaf Kids etc. who've turned grindcore and hardcore inside out. It was only a matter of time before grim and abysmal black/death metal would receive the same treatment and be syphoned through one of the most exciting and fearless experimental micro-scenes that exists today, and Antimonument are the vessel which got us there. Anitmonument's crushing debut album Concealment was first released in 2021 on CD in Brazil by Cianeto Discos and later the same year on cassette tape in the USA by Red Door Records. Shortly after Antimonument and Sentient Ruin began working on an enhanced reissue featuring brand new artwork, two brand new tracks, and an entirely new mix and master by WILL KILLINGSWORTH at Dead Air Studios to serve as the release's first ever vinyl edition along with brand new digital/streaming and cassette tape versions to accompany it.