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Metaphysical Payback

Silence, The

Metaphysical Payback

Drag City
LP $21.35

08/30/2019 781484069218 

DC 692 

***THE SILENCE has descended upon us once again. In the two years-plus since their previous album, Nine Suns, One Morning, their leader MASAKI BATOH recorded and released his solo album, Nowhere—but from the first chimes of hazy guitar arpeggios that open Metaphysical Feedback, we are transported right back to the unique rock and roll space that The Silence conjure whenever they plug in and come together. Their group craft continues to expand, but in perfect line with their previous albums. Also as with their previous three albums, The Silence use the sound of analog recording as an essential complement to their approach, using the famous Studer 24-track machine at GOK Sound in Tokyo, where so many legendary sessions have gone down. Drawing from all phases of golden age psychedelic progressive folk-rock, The Silence make new music in the new century from an almost blinding collection of inspirations. Their deep songs have all manner of lyricism, unexpected chords and tempos, and instrumental breaks from acid guitars, rasping saxophone, drums and bass.