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Electric Meditations

Silence, The

Electric Meditations

Drag City
LP $27.85

11/27/2020 781484077619 

DC 776 

***The Silence continue their singular journey to known and unknown places in the musical universe on their fifth album, Electric Meditations. On their second record as a quartet, they distill the expansive nature of the original quintet into a guitar-bass-and-drums plus woodwinds combination, an especially rocking sound from beginning to end, which suits the new songs. Recorded in an all-analog process at GOK Studios in Tokyo, the sounds on Electric Meditations are a measure of the The Silence’s soul. The title track, which drives for nearly eight minutes off a deadly two-chord riff, exemplifies this quality, descending to great depths and expanding immeasurably from minimal to maximal, finding blues and hard rock vibes in the process.