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A Good Year For Hardness

Six Finger Satellite

A Good Year For Hardness

Anchor Brain
LP $13.75


ABRN 002 

CD $11.00


ABR 001 CD 

***NOW AVAILABLE ON CD!!! Of all times, now is not the time to be musically submissive. That is why now is the time for Providence’s SIX FINGER SATELLITE to return and devour all weak imitators. Six Finger Satellite have navigated the murky industry waters with a healthy embrace of adventure since the beginning of the 1990s. Theirs is music grounded deep in bedrock but looking to the spheres, lifting spirits and discovering uncharted territories along the way. Prefiguring many figures in today’s electro-post-punkhodge-podge scene. After an eight-year hiatus, Six Finger Satellite resurfaced to release a new set of old unexplored horizons titled Half Control on Load Records and also A Good Year For Hardness on the brand new Providence label Anchor Brain. With this new record is it obvious that Six Finger Satellite is back and here to stay. A Good Year For Hardness is a no bullshit freak rock journey into the past, present, and future. It is timeless, elusive and in your everyday boring face. So bury your heads if you don’t want to get hit with the Six Finger Satellite stick.

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