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Drone Drug
CD $2.75


RTB 041 CD 

***First there was Skkull then there was The Drone Drug. Continuing on the same path, the sound of The Drone Drug is of a similar relentless minimalist nature as its predecessor. This could be seen as the electronic backbone to last years amazing Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing (Conspiracy Records), creating a heavy beast with the most basic and stripped-down use of variations in drones and frequencies instead of guitars and percussion. Monotonous motor humming via drugged-out machinery and assaults of feedback attacking with a strong feel of claustrophobia. Compared to Skkull, The Drone Drug evolves more around a grim and abrasive sound, constantly toying with lo-fi aesthetics and a rough industrial edge. The atmosphere created is thick and black, bringing up visions of a dystopian society trembling on the edge of the world. Spreading the disease in a world slowly dying, The Drone Drug is poison and affect you it will. On this recording, THE SKULL DEFEKTS are JOACHIM NORDWALL and HENRIK RYLANDER. Four tracks cut by an unsharpened razor. Total playtime of 52 minutes. 4-panel digipack with artwork by DANIEL FAGERSTROM.

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