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Early Risers
LP $21.25


MEX 174 

***SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE started back in 2004 as an ANTI-BAND! The idea was to put together a cracked mercenary “dirty dozen” type of outfit, who were never gonna write songs, never gonna practice, never gonna record music, make any product for public consumption or ever hit the road! Their only goal was to play a rare show every now and then that they could assault, terrorize, and shred, relying only on instinct, intuition and the chemistry of the band of bros in the moment of battle (show) - it was either sink or swim, or death before glory. Now here we are, ten years later: Mexican Summer A&R gave Soldiers of Fortune the opportunity to record a dozen embryonic 'song ideas’ over an afternoon. The band called up friends who know how to sing and finished up the damn thing in like three days. The result is an LP called Early Risers, and beyond the core troupe consisting of BRAD TRUAX (INTERPOL), KID MILLIONS (MAN FOREVER, ONEIDA), BARRY LONDON (ONEIDA), MATT SWEENEY (CHAVEZ), JESPER EKLOW (ENDLESS BOOGIE), MIKE BONES, and PAPA CRAZEE (ONEIDA), they abused the superior vocal stylings of CLARK "YEREMIAS" BRONSON, STEPHEN MALKMUS, CASS MCCOMBS, DAN MELCHIOR, ETHAN MILLER and MATT MCAULEY. This is the sound of utter confusion and unfocused tender hatred in song form.

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