Whiles Somber Honey


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Label # AW 068UPC 011447006814
Street DateApril 30th, 2013
Label # UPC 011447006814
Street DateApril 30th, 2013

The Whiles’ Somber Honey weaves a five-year track through the interruptions of adulthood, doubts and uncertainty—somewhat like the history of the band itself. Formed shortly after graduation from high school in the late ’90s, The Whiles have persevered through friendship, death, and the birth of children.  Built around the strong songwriting of Joe Peppercorn, The Whiles’ construct songs that, at times, have taken years to finish (“Somber Honey” went through four different recording sessions). At one point in their career, they appeared to be the indie band to break out of Columbus, with press coming from Rolling Stone and Paste and a tours planned with The National, Andrew Bird, and My Morning Jacket. The curse of 614 entered and a member quit, thus putting the brakes on the group. After the release of 2007’s Sleeper’s Wake, they collectively retreated to careers, family and the recording studio. Somber Honey displays Peppercorn’s strong sense of melody and sharp song craft, with orchestral arrangements courtesy of violinist Samantha Kim (Ghost Shirt). The album recalls hints of Colin Blunstone’s finest work, Eric Matthews and the pop sensibilities of Tommy Keene, early Cat Stevens and The Byrds. Limited to 300 hand-screened LPs with download included, Somber Honey is as majestic as the sun cutting through the gray Midwestern din of February. The Whiles will play select dates in support of the album’s release.


  1. #1 So Sweet
  2. #2 Nothing To Do With You (Clouds)
  3. #3 Mouth Of The Wolf
  4. #4 Seems So Long Ago
  5. #5 Sea of Waking Dreams
  6. #6 I Know That I'm Not Wrong
  7. #7 Somber Honey
  8. #8 Caroline
  9. #9 Siphon
  10. #10 Leaving
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