Mv & Ee Space Homestead


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Label # WOODSIST 060UPC 655035019918
Street DateMay 15th, 2012
Label # WOODSIST 060 CDUPC 655035019925
Street DateMay 15th, 2012
Label # UPC 655035019925
Street DateMay 15th, 2012

“MV & EE” is slang for zero gravity, and even though they’ve been doing it consistently better since forever, they still want to give you more of their best. The DIY wall of sound of Space Homestead was recorded over the course of a year in nine different studios, presenting as clearly as circumstances permit a living idea right here and now of what it is all about. These are sonics in motion, the satiate plural perfect supply of the hunger unusual, the picturesque in sound. Grab a shuttle for your spectra-sound furniture any time in any aeon and dig the volume of their trip.


MV & EE - Workingman's Smile by Revolver USA


  1. #1 Heart Like Barbara Steele
  2. #2 Workingman's Smile
  3. #3 Sweet Sure Gone
  4. #4 Shit's Creek
  5. #5 Common Ground
  6. #6 Moment
  7. #7 Too Far To See
  8. #8 Wasteland
  9. #9 Porchlight > Leaves
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