Moonhearts S/t


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The Moonhearts (formerly Charlie and the...) fired up the ole failing 7-track (no shit!) tape machine and soaked it in their guitar-driven trash pop to glorious effect, and along with friendly accomplice Ty Segall to bring forth an LP that slays asses. We are talking "butt cutters" from start to stop. The band's debut LP continues along the lineage set by a few great 7"s offering their take on sinking the fuzz-covered hooks straight into some hefty, meatier chunks of blown out punk scuzz. Peppering it up with a few minor mind-benders and melodic garage-moves to great effect. There's even some spine-shivering, nihilistic elements of beautifully twisted sound-torture that recall No Trend in spots, though for the most part, rough, angsty, blown out punk with big melody. The Moonhearts require (and deserve) the "pre-cliché-culture" treatment if anybody out there does. Because though familar, it is done so well, it becomes thee furthest thing from "paint-it-by-numbers and get a grade" punk. It’s just real, brute shit, a record that's got balls and with a great sense of melody, doing what it does correctly.    If you don't have their "Charlie & the" Moonhearts tapes, 7"s or split 12", you will be socked in the face by this. But for those who are even slightly aware of their previous punch-you-in-the-fuckin-face iron hooks played through what sounds like torn speakers on 11 next to your ear, well this ain't no exception. And the lyrical content is direct and emotional WITHOUT dumping some sad, emotional, self- deprecating "look at me" turd all over it. The Moonhearts have definitely moved into a solid, unified, long-player mode with this one.


  1. #1 I Hate Myself
  2. #2 I Said
  3. #3 Shine
  4. #4 Can't Find My Way
  5. #5 Never Lost Control
  6. #6 Deathstar Pt. 1
  7. #7 Deathstar Pt. 2
  8. #8 Let Go
  9. #9 Eat My Shorts
  10. #10 Love Is Gone
  11. #11 I Can Go On