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no cover
CD $12.00

11/27/2006 656605825021 

CR 3 CD 

A CD reissue of MARC MUNDY’s self-titled 1971 LP; a truly unique, privately-issued curiosity rescued from obscurity by trailblazing collector Paul Major. Many (Mid)East/West crossover albums surfaced during the psychedelic era but none that sound quite like Mundy's. "You'll have a hard time finding another LP to compare with this combination of feeling and sound," Major claims. The emotional effect of Mundy's vocals coupled with his band's irresistible groove is a strange pairing—one could argue that the two are at odds with each other, but the result is a sound and feel so unique and compelling to the ears, it has to be in a class all its own. “In one stroke, impossibly good and charmingly average. How could this record exist? How could it not exist? Distant foretelling of East Coast new wave (recorded in 1970?!), but built on a Turkish rock, Marc sincerely doles out musical x's and o's, eager to please, wanting to be loved. This was supposed to be top of the pops—it didn't work out but this record is still pure Turkish delight.”     

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