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Heart Collector
7" $6.00


DMR 029 

***BACK IN STOCK!!! “I know just what you're thinking. Believe me I do. When GG (aka GREG CARBONA) called back in February to tell me that his best girl and her friends had started a band and that he was playing in it, I couldn't imagine having any interest in this recording. Then I heard the recording, and within about thirty seconds I was in. In keeping with tradition of D~M~R releases, the backbone here is simplicity. The ballad-esque intro to “Heart Collector” makes me think that they would have preferred to sound like a Spector-style girl group, but the lack of Phil and his song writing talents allows them come off as a very competent Teen Line style band. ASHLEY’s vocals may be the star of the show. They sound experienced and even sultry at times while retaining the innocent charm that allows a band with this sort of pop sensibility work....even if she is singing about lighting dudes on fire. Super cool Sponsors cover on the flip side. Edition of 1000.”—Douchemaster