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Come Up And Hear My Etchings

Storey, Robert

Come Up And Hear My Etchings

Emotional Response
LP $14.75

05/04/2018 600607753684 

ER 75 

***Unsung hero of the DIY underworld, ROBERT STOREY has been plowing his own furrow with a quiet fervor and understated elegance since the late ‘70s. Part of the London collective Club Integral and Resonance FM, Storey regularly pushes experimental music from the more interesting but less celebrated side of the scene, spreading a message of sonic exploration and creativity. As the heralded “dark heart of the Murphy Foundation in all its guises”, Storey’s playful ear for balancing melody and sonic experiments has led to a fascinating back catalogue chock full of quality works. His sprawling musical achievements include such under the radar classics as: Orchestre Murphy, The Murphy Federation, Up Murphy Street, The Miners Of Banal, The C-Siders and more recently, Murphy No Geisha, I Am Kamura, Croque Madame and Florence Raynaud (Emotional Response). Emotional Response are proud to release this career spanning compilation, encompassing engaging highlights from a remarkable man with a back catalogue.