Wilson, Renny Sugarglider


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Label # MRL 147UPC 773871014710
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013
Label # MRD 147UPC 773871014727
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013
Label # UPC 773871014727
Street DateJanuary 22nd, 2013

After almost a decade of struggle, strain and delay, the debut record from Edmontonian Renny Wilson sees the light. Sugarglider draws from disco keystones like “Bad Girls” and Arthur Russell as well as elements of chillwave, krautrock and a healthy dose of Haunted Graffiti, employing bold, tempo-matched digital delay.  The album opens with a saxed-out, psychedelic, electric-bass-powered dance party, riddled with the sounds of late-’80s FM synths, 12-bit horns and regret. The soul-plane flies high, low and back up again, fizzling away into a motorik opera, only to slap back with deep, white-boy funk, cosmic pulsar-pop and sampled-string schmaltz. The contrast of upbeat music and melancholy lyrical content provides a tasty combination for any groove-oriented listener. Tap this valiant freshman effort into your varicose and you’ll find yourself crying vaseline tears of self-pity on the dancefloor.  “Um, best new band of the year? All we’ve heard is these three singles streaming from Edmonton’s Renny Wilson and we need more right away. Perhaps this record ranks with Ariel Pink himself. These three songs certainly suggest we have an incredible talent on our hands here.” —Silent Shout


  1. #1 By And By
  2. #2 Who Was I?
  3. #3 Could've It Been Me?
  4. #4 Come Tomorrow
  5. #5 Feel Like A Child
  6. #6 Bound To Lose
  7. #7 Sugarglider
  8. #8 Nobody
  9. #9 Lady Pain
  10. #10 Mope Opera
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