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Where The Spirits Are

Suishou No Fune

Where The Spirits Are

Holy Mountain
CD $12.00

03/28/2006 655035628325 


MP3 $9.90



***Formed in 1999 as a duo of female guitarist Pirako Kurenai and male guitarist Kageo, Suishou no Fune have been making some of the most charmingly chaotic dream music coming out of Japan. Their sound contains subcutaneous elements of no-wave energy mixed with psychedelic rock à la early Fushitsusha or Kousokuya. Other songs approach balladry with oddly beautiful twinned vocals and distorted guitars. They have performed around Tokyo with a list of people who could succinctly be described as everybody and were even invited to play Scotland’s Weekend festival in 2005. 
“The group’s sound runs from massively distended nod-outs that recall parts of the first Fushitsusha album through weird duo tracks that orbit a parallel universe where late-period John Fahey was the prime influence on Charalambides, infernal Dead C/Gate style guitar abuse and achingly beautiful comedown ballads. The twin vocalists are massively different in their approach, with Pirako singing in a high wayward style thatÕs all throat and no lungs while Kageo works from the other end of the pipes with a ripped Father Yod/Jim Morrison/Keiji Haino polyglot. Simply one of the greatest out-of-nowhere groups to come out of the Tokyo underground in years and the undisputed stars of PSF’s recent Tokyo Flashback 5 compilation.”—Volcanic Tongue


  1. #1 Vale Of Spirits


  2. #2 Your Tears Drop From The Sky


  3. #3 Apparition On A Moonless Night


  4. #4 Black Phantom


  5. #5 A Rose Bloomed