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Things We Used To Drink
7" $7.25

07/10/2012 613505440020 

SMP 004 

***SUPERCLUSTER have created yet another alternate universe on their third single: “Things We Used To Drink b/w Memory of the Future.” Originally Supercluster started as a writing project by VANESSA BRISCOE HAY as an outlet for material not suited to her main project, PYLON. She gathered a group of talented like-minded friends with the help of HANNAH JONES (NEW SOUND OF NUMBERS) to create new work. KAY STANTON (CASPER & THE COOKIES) and Hannah Jones were each given a melody for this single and encouraged to expound on it in their own way. “Things We Used To Drink,” sung by bass player Stanton, creates a summery introspective mood using the large scale pop-rock format. Synthesizer, bass and drums build up to include layers of delicious electric guitars/acoustic guitar/mandolin all the way to an epic conclusion which ends angelically by a capella vocals backed by autoharp. “Memory of the Future” is a krautrock/tv-like theme led by Hannah Jones. Swirls of electric guitar and mandolin are joined by bass and keyboard before launching into a full scale sonic attack, puntuated by drums and vocals sung by Hannah with spoken dialogue by Vanessa.  

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