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Sweater Girls Were Here
LP $14.00


HHBTM 147 

***SWEATER GIRLS got the beat. Sweater Girls are living down on Infatuation Street. Sweater Girls are a bright, Vitamin D-enriched ankle sock delight. Their debut album, Sweater Girls Were Here..., sounds like the band inhaled all three packets of Fun Dip along with the sugar sticks. It’s all about spazzing out over love and loss, the jittery adrenaline jag of youth. Its vertical melodies skip up and down the scale, even as they describe a horizontal lifestyle Sweater Girls are stuck in Los Angeles and they’re choking on the smog. They lost their bubblegum in the iceplant. Their music is major keys and minor tragedies, healed scars and broken hearts. They’re spectators in paradise, always on the outside looking in. Anonymous, yet at the center of it all—swooning at the future, the possibilities it might hold. Like a less-stoned, less-insipid Best Coast, singer DIANA MEEHAN has a Southern California lilt in her voice that’s impossible to fake. Sweater Girls may be smiling on the outside, but they’ve got a switchblade tucked in their back pockets in case you get out of line.