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Forest Hills


Forest Hills

Not Not Fun
MC $9.75


NNF 401 

MP3 $7.99

01/05/2024 795154145065 

NNF 401 

FLAC $8.99

01/05/2024 795154145065 

NNF 401 

Rogue Florida entity Tegu debuts with 12-track nocturnal dub fever dream, Forest Hills. Field recordings, tape loops, vocal haze, FX, and thrifted Yamaha keys coalesce and dissipate on narcoleptic night walks past palm-shaded ponds, orange orchards, and fluorescent swamps murmuring with birds, frogs, and insects.

Recorded largely in a single 24-hour block of attuned lo-fi improv, this is music of peripheries and private spheres, traced in faint horizons of hanging moss, water, and moonlight. Lost tropics for liquid memories, treading shrouded pathways of constant change.


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