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MC $12.00


NNF 396 

MP3 $9.90

05/05/2023 795154139019 

NNF 396 

FLAC $11.99

05/05/2023 795154139019 

NNF 396 

Expansion pack of Wave Temples transmissions accompanying the Panama Shift vinyl suite. Its creator contextualizes Portals as the first volume in a tarot-style card game of the same name, to be used for divining prophetic strategies. Each of the 13 pieces here unfolds like a glimpse to an inner realm – or a past life. Hazed vignettes of primitivist anthropological fantasia, warbly and windswept, suffused with déjà vu. Insects and macaws sing from the periphery, while beach fires glow along an abandoned coast, the tide like a language lost in the tunnels of time.


  1. #1 Age of Apollo

  2. #2 Lady from the Sacred Mountain with Healthy Mushrooms at Her Temple Bottom

  3. #3 Temple of the Time Builders

  4. #4 Rebirth in the Crystalline Immaterial

  5. #5 Procession of the Star People

  6. #6 Entrance to the Lords of the Underworld

  7. #7 In the Land of Wild Honey

  8. #8 Golden Era

  9. #9 Prelude to the Night Huntress

  10. #10 Grand Ogyges

  11. #11 Stream of the River Quantum

  12. #12 bigwaves

  13. #13 Glazed Gnostic (End Credits)

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