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L.a. Drones

The Name Of This Band Is L.a. Drones

This Starcraft
MC $8.50


TS-TP 001 

NOW AVAILABLE ON VINYL!!! KONTROL REMOTO and DARLINGTONIA BRACKETS pierced the line delimiting the real and the unreal and crash landed in Los Angeles, California via Mexico City, from their origination Madrid, Spain. Somewhere in Mexico they picked up a disco poodle named RUFUS. Hence the record cover fame of this strange mutt. The three together have captured, synthesized, and tamed a wild electro sound, in effect turning it into a functioning artificial zoo––not unlike human nature having cybernetics grafted on. Through the machine face one can still detect the color. L.A.DRONES! (pronounced “la-dro-nes”, "thieves" in Spanish) have harnessed the magic hidden in prime numbers, as well as the energy encapsulated in the sound frequencies produced by this foreign environment. In order to design music, they observed this terrain and then assimilated and synthesized the sound frequencies, they found there, with the physical patterns inherent to prime numbers. Strangely, the outcome is very fun to dance to. The result of this musical technologic occultism can be heard on the band’s debut album, The Name of This Band Is L.A.Drones!.

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