Dicks These People + Peace?


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Label # VIRUS 438 CDUPC 721616043822
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012
Label # UPC 721616043822
Street DateJuly 17th, 2012

Phase Two of The Dicks began in San Francisco, 1983, when Gary Floyd relocated to a new city and reformed the groundbreaking band with a new lineup. Eschewing the traditional hardcore formula, Floyd along with drummer Lynn Perko, guitarist Tim Carroll and bassist Sebastian Fuchs evolved a more mature punk sound while still retaining their political edge. This incarnation recorded the Peace? 7-inch and These People album. They disbanded in 1986 and Floyd and Perko went on to form Sister Double Happiness. For a limited time, These People and Peace? will be sold as one vinyl package. After the first pressing runs out, Peace? will be available as a separate single. The digital and CD versions contain the complete studio output of the San Francisco lineup of the Dicks. Alternative Tentacles is proud to present this essential document of 1980s punk, remastered with love by Jello Biafra.


  1. #1 The Police (Force)
  2. #2 Off-duty Sailor
  3. #3 Executive Dive
  4. #4 Sidewalk Begging
  5. #5 Lost and Divided
  6. #6 Dead in a Motel Room
  7. #7 Cities are Burning
  8. #8 Doctor Daddy
  9. #9 Decent and Clean
  10. #10 Legacy of Man
  11. #11 Little Rock n' Roller
  12. #12 George Jackson
  13. #13 No Fuckin' War
  14. #14 Nobody Asked Me
  15. #15 I Hope You Get Drafted
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