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Art, Mystery
BK $30.85

01/26/2018 9781937112202 

DC 665 

***In Art, Mystery, a controversial former footballer, now export agent specializing in chrome, accepts an unusual commission from an odd source, the very man who brought him down, a former football referee turned art handler—to find and export a pornographic work of Renaissance art.  
“Perlat Tile, Pablo Pablon, Ms. Jasmine, and the Beast of Bern tussle and conspire with other assorted gangsters and PhDs over an illicit Pollaiuolo statuette. The action unfolds in Tirana, between the National Museum and a bar named Tiranosaurus Tex, leading to a denouement in Venice. Mr. Thompson has given us the perfect cocktail of suspense and whimsy. Very highly recommended—even the most humorless of art historians will be tickled by Art, Mystery!”—Dr. Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen 
“I am impressed with Art, Mystery. Cracking dialogue. I enjoyed reading it. I also thought it was very funny and wore its humour integrally, I mean, like, subtle.”—Josephine Pryde 
About the author: 
Art, Mystery is Mayo Thompson’s first published work of fiction 
since the nineteen-sixties. He is best known for his work with 
the psychedelic band, The Red Krayola

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