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FFO: Everything Terrible / Instant Tenders

Tv Drugs

FFO: Everything Terrible / Instant Tenders

Color And Time Tonight
MC $13.50


CATT 029 CS 

***This 15 Track cassette collects TV DRUGS' first two sold out tapes, Beginning on Side A. with FFO…; blasts of sharp, punk, pissed hardcore, all snarling vocals, vicious riffs, thick basslines, and powerful drumming, with an original, creative slant. Then on the flip, Instant Tenders; twin-guitar chaos, bubbling noise, and other elements combine with their original sound, all culminating in the bleak, Flipper-damaged closing version of NA’s “Nothing”. For fans of Glue, MDC, Germs, Poison Idea, Drunks With Guns. Features current and ex-members of PILLARS, CHROMOSOME DAMAGE, and KILL THE HIPPIES. Packaged with full color artwork, booklet, and housed in a clamshell VHS case for safe keeping. Includes a badge and decal. New cover layout by KELLY BUTZ. Original tapes on …So This Is Progress and Serial Bowl Records respectively.

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