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The Amputee / The Mold

TV Ghost

The Amputee / The Mold

Kind Turkey
7" $6.30


TURK 014 

***KInd Turkey Records is proud to present TV GHOST’s FIRST recordings. In early 2007 a young band from Lafayette, Indiana called Television Ghost sets up a 4-track monaurally in a moldy basement and hits record on "The Amputee" and "The Mold." Immediately after recording the band haphazardly drops the cassette into a puddle. What resulted is an incredible stamp of unique lo-fi punk. A true original. A true piece of art. It has to be heard to be believed. Both songs are stunning displays of a young and inspired band twisting the limits of garage/punk music. They perfectly melt doom and off putting moods into lo-fi synth-punk garage stompers. Mastered to tape by JUSTIN PERKINS and cut by DAVE ECK at Lucky Lacquers this recording is a loud and unique testament to the power of TV Ghost long before the band gained it's highly regarded reputation.