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LP $9.75



***PLEASE CHECK STOCK!!! A vinyl release of UNNATURAL HELPERS’ first self-released album with bonus tracks. ROB VERTIGO stared directly in to a photograph of Dean Whitmore for three full days and has wrung out of his ADD riddled wet-lobes more catchy tracks than one would think imaginable. Seemingly hundreds since his first foray into 4-track. But catchy don't mean just simple or clean. There's a history of Pacific NW grime, grit and a snarling wry wit caked under his fingernails. Just because his calloused hands bleat out garage perfection doesn't mean something clattery, weird or dark isn't gonna' be around the bend. Angular knee-jerk rock, Fuzz-muffed and Muddled-ga-runge, overcast punkish gloom, heavy stoner chug, Sonics soulful belting, Redd Kross speed and sugar crunched pop. The whole fawking caboodle is on the table. And this carry-on contains HITS. Someday hopefully this eclectic Helpers catalog will be remembered and/or regarded as important as the works of elder-punks Rob Vasquez (who?! Go learn something's HISTORY), Kurt Bloch or even Fred Cole. If we know what's best. This is the type of music-stuff that rings loudly in HATE's flannel-wrapped Buddy Bradley's brain, if that old dweeb even listens to R&R anymore.

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