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Two Things At Once (Again)

Uranium Club

Two Things At Once (Again)

Strange Lords LLC
7" $7.00


PEN 01 

***"Two Things at Once (Again)" from URANIUM CLUB is a re-tooled version of the limited 7" available only by subscription as part of the 2019 Sub Pop Singles Club. Side A is part one, a tension-and-release punk number about children dying after swallowing educational toys. Who's to blame? Not us. Part two on the B-side is an instrumental orchestrated with layers of cosmic organ and TWO (!?) kinds of saxophone. The visuals on this one take the form of text covering the sleeve inside and outside (plus a postscript on the center label). Part Italo Calvino, part Sol Lewitt, part Lao Tzu, parts one and two (again) of "Two Things at Once (Again)" from the Minneapolis Uranium Club Band. 

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