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Pure Nuclear Death
LP $23.50


SRUIN 191 

***American one-man nuclear black industrial weapon Uranium returns, transmuted into its most astonishing and terrifying form yet. A statement of unseen magnitude and scope, the second full length album Pure Nuclear Death sees the enigmatic East Coast visionary harness a realm of terror and death-torn sonic immensity rarely, if ever, seen before in this plane of reality. Clear from the title alone, Pure Nuclear Death embodies the triumph, definition and consecration of a vision and concept which in the span of a just a couple of years and releases so far has already become classic and by all standards and measures, simply unrivaled. Awe-inducing, imposing and inexorably devastating, Pure Nuclear Death comprises thirty six minutes, split up into five tracks, of omnipotent, death-heaving black industrial immensity designed to devour the listener and deliver to them a world-ending payload of absolute death. The legacy of bludgeoning, visionary post-industrial acts like Godflesh and early (Cop, Filth-era) SWANS transposed into total oblivion and coerced into a monstrous, lightless abyss of tectonic and crushing blackened electronics. An antihuman concept on nuclear energy and its most godly and terrifying traits incarnated in a sound which is its perfectly executed and envisioned embodiment. An indissoluble fusion reaction between a concept extrapolated from science, ethical literature and philosophy to convey realities of daunting scientific an technological darkness, and a god-like sound assembled from a critical mass of cataclysmic power electronics, apocalyptic industrial and black metal chained together into an otherworldly sonic weapon of absolute atomic death.