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12" $7.75

12/11/2007 658457105610 

NR056 LP 

Formed in the summer of 2002 in the wilds of North Carolina, U.S. Christmas has steadily evolved into a full-blown psychedelic space rock assault. The band makes music that cannot be ignored. U.S. Christmas hurts people--physically and mentally. The music stirs intense feelings of pain, frustration, loss, fear--and occasionally, euphoria. 
U.S. Christmas was one of the first unsigned bands to send a CD to Combat Music Radio, the internet music show hosted by Neurosis's Scott Kelly. It wasn't long before the band heard from Kelly, who frequently played their songs on KMBT. This friendship lead to a release agreement with Neurot Recordings. 
This four-song vinyl EP precedes the band's full length Eat The Low Dogs, currently set for a March 2008 release. 
"Those who appreciate the heavier, tripped out side of music should give these guys a shot. They bring something unique to the table."