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Valley Path
CD $13.00

05/31/2011 658457107621 

NR 076 

MP3 $9.90

05/31/2011 658457107621 


US Christmas hails from the Appalachian mountains in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, and plays a brand of psychedelic, high-volume blues rock that evades easy classification. Founded in Marion, NC, in the summer of 2002, the band now approaches a decade of playing, recording and evolving. 
Their fifth album, Run Thick in the Night, was released in Fall 2010, and the band follows it up with an epic, single-track full-length, The Valley Path. 
“A true idea must be made real. When the idea for ‘The Valley Path’ was imagined, all involved agreed it was true and went forward. Forward in thought, forward in vision, forward in action. We achieved what we wanted to achieve, and whatever is said about ‘The Valley Path,’ it will stand. 
“A song does not have to be a part of a collection. It is more important for music to take the path it chooses, and an artist must be willing to let this happen. ‘The Valley Path’ is one song.” 
—Nate Hall, December 25, 2010


  1. #1 The Valley Path